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VCDS Software Online Demo - OBD II Fehler lesen

Diese Funktion ermöglicht die Abfrage des Motor Fehlerspeichers nach dem OBD Standard. Bitte beachten Sie das die Ausgabe der Fehlerdcodes als P-Codes erfolgen und nicht der typischen VAG Codes. Auf Wunsch können diese gewandelt werden, dazu müssen Sie oben rechts ein Häckchen gesetzt werden.

Mode Bedeutung
1 Read Data allows you to view real-time emissions-related sensor and status data reported by the ECU.

1-01 Readiness shows the status of each of the emissions systems monitored by the ECU.

2 Freeze Frame shows the conditions present when an emissions-related fault last occurred.

3 Current DTCs shows the present emissions-related fault(s). VCDS gives you a checkbox to convert the code description into VW/Audi-specific ones.

4 Clear DTCs erases both Current and Pending DTCs. It does not repair the condition that caused them.  It will reset Readiness as well, meaning the ECU will have to test monitored systems again before the corresponding bits read "Pass".

5 O2 Sensors shows the data associated with each O2 sensor, chosen from a drop-down menu.

6 Non cont. tests will run a pre-defined set of tests for various emissions-related components, for example O2 sensor aging tests.

7 Pending DTCs are fault codes that have been identified by the ECU but are deemed not yet critical enough to trigger the MIL.

9 Vehicle Info can store information including the VIN, calibration versions, and tracking information. The quantity of info varies wildly between cars.

10 Permanent DTCs are faults so severe that they cannot be erased with a scan tool, only by the ECU itself when it has tested and confirmed that the problem has been repaired.

Das Diagnosetool speziell für VW, Audi, Seat & Skoda PKW´s
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